Here at SMS Contractors, Inc., safety is one of our number one goals.  We take pride in safety at our workplace.  Our clients will be protected financially, by virtue of performance and payment bonding if required. SMS has a wealth of knowledge, experience and capability as a general construction contractor which enables it to plan for, avoid and overcome the unforeseen conditions of construction projects.

Safety Award: 
We were awarded a Safety Award for Zero Claims by the Associated General Contractors of America.

Capacity Building

When it comes to building with capacity, our approach to every client is to demonstrate  and perform with tradesmen skills, instincts, abilities of problem solving, processes, capital, bonding and other resources that our organization sustains, maintain to achieve the objectives in a maintainable manner.

Operating With Strategic Agility:

Our organization strives to develop a built-in capacity to shift, flex, and adjust, either alone or with alliance partners; as economic circumstances changes. With attributes from our resources, skills and competencies; and taking over or completing “troubled projects” we were able to develop  and quickly apply the right dynamic capabilities. By performing these types of jobs our company has become more proficient as a result of the experiences.

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