General Contracting

SMS Contractors has a proven track record of great performance in General Contracting delivery.  Architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers are viewed in a new light-more as partners in trying to get the job accomplished.  Our whole staff knows who the client is, what the facility is going to be, and that their job is to satisfy the client.

Pre- Construction

SMS has firsthand knowledge of construction projects before a project starts.  As professionals, we try to solve today’s challenges before they even start.

We commit to meet the project’s budget.  Our Estimator/Project Manager will be available at all times to work with the Architect/Design Team to keep the project within the budget through value and engineering and sub-contract negotiating established.

Construction Management

We here at SMS Contractors have a highly professional management team.  Our clients are able to relax as we focus on completing projects that meet our client’s expectations.  Clients also can trust SMS contractors to give them the highest quality of work.
We commit to meet schedules. We also commit our selves to completing the project on a timely manner.

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